During the production of canned vegetables and fruits that are preserved by heat treatment, PARMEN ZRt is aiming to manufacture such stable, standard quality products that comply with the EU requirements, the food safety regulations, and satisfy the Customers’ and Consumers’ needs.

We plan and regulate all our activities. As important tools of our work we implement the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, quality management and quality systems satisfying the regulations of the HACCP and IFS (International Food Standard), which extend to every activity of the organization.

During our work we follow the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) principle.

Our tracking system is capable of tracking the raw material, the auxiliary and packaging material, and the final product until it reaches the customer.

We are aiming for cooperation with our suppliers and agricultural partners based on mutual interests. We expect from the raw material producers that their products satisfy the processing and food safety requirements.

We are aiming to strengthen the customer relationships and make the customer-centric approach common, devoting special attention to meet their expectations and stated demands.

Beyond the efficient operation, we devote special attention to avoid environmental impacts, implement environmentally sound farming, and observe the environmental regulations.

Towards fact based management decision-making, we continuously evaluate, analyze our activity, the quality of our products, and we determine the tasks of further development knowing that information.

Our Motto:


István Széll
Chief Executive Officer

Nyírmeggyes 2013. 09. 18.