Észak-Alföldi Tész

The Northern Great-Plain Vegetable and Fruit Production and Sale Cooperative (Észak-Alföldi TÉSZ) was formed in 1999, under the name of Parmen-Farm Cooperative. The purpose of the formation and operation was the storage, refrigeration, packing, and sale of the vegetable and fruit goods produced by the members.

The cooperative received a preliminary recognition as TÉSZ (Production and Sale Cooperative) in 2003, and it has been operating as a permanently recognized TÉSZ since 2009. The members produce quality goods mostly on their own lands, with their own production tools and state of the art machines.

We perform consulting activities in an organized form continuously during the whole year. The task of the integrator is to determine certain elements of the cropping technology and the species usage for the members of the cooperative. We provide input materials for members at fair prices, and also producer loans when needed.

The cooperative is closely connected with its two strategic partners, Parmen Kft and Parmen Zrt. The processing of goods and the domestic and export sales are conducted through these two companies.

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