• 1Parmen Kft.
    The Parmen Zöldség-Gyümölcs Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. was formed in 1989, and it was based in Debrecen. Initially,
  • 2Parmen Zrt.
    In 2001, Parmen Kft purchased the majority ownership of a public limited company in Nyírmeggyes, which had its
  • 3Észak-Alföldi Tész
    The Northern Great-Plain Vegetable and Fruit Production and Sale Cooperative (Észak-Alföldi TÉSZ) was formed in 1999, under the

Welcome to our homepage

konzerv_udvozoljuk2The Parmen Group is located in the Northern Great-Plain region of Hungary.  Its location is favorable, since the area has serious traditions and significant plantation fields for the production of raw materials with excellent quality and pleasant taste.

Quality policy

During the production of canned vegetables and fruits that are preserved by heat treatment, PARMEN ZRt is aiming to manufacture such stable, standard quality products that comply with the EU requirements, the food safety regulations, and satisfy the Customers’ and Consumers’ needs.